Every year, the Kimberly Clark corporation hosts the Fox Cities Marathon in a bid to raise money for various charities. This year will be no different; but for Tracy and her son Jaden, who will be participating this year, the marathon is a way to raise aware of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENS).

Tracy’s stories started 3 years ago when she developed TENS, which is a life-threatening condition that causes the body to burn from the inside out. The condition is caused by an adverse allergic reaction to medications. Tracy took an anti-convulsant in a bid to control her I Juvenile Myoclonic seizures as well as Absence seizures. When she started suffering from TENS, she was only given a 50/50 chance of survival by her doctor. Her body’s surface was covered with painful blisters and skin peeled off of 60 percent of her body’s surface.

Tracy was in the hospital for month-long burn treatments;, with much of that time spent in a drug-induced coma to help reduce her pain. She received IVIG treatment for her condition. Tracy eventually needed to receive physical therapy just to be able to walk again. Her condition also caused her to lose half of her hair, fingernails and toenails. Now she suffers from dry eye syndrome, which is a common permanent side effect of the disease. She also has to deal with Interstitial lung disease, photo-sensitivity, scarring of the esophagus and an increased sensitivity to other medications.

This is why Tracy wants to walk in the Fox Cities Marathon in Appleton, Wisconsin, this year. She is currently trying to raise money for travel costs for her and Jaden to be able to attend the marathon. Right now Tracy needs a total of $1,450 to help her travel from Saskatchewan to Wisconsin.

Tracy isn’t the first marathon participant to raise awareness for SJS and TENS. Last year Kendra Schmidt was pushed in a wheelchair as she entered the Fox Cities Marathon.

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