Getting a disability insurance claim approved can be a long and arduous process. In fact, Unum Group, the largest disability insurance company in America, claims that it denies 10 percent of the claims that come in. This fact is not as surprising as which conditions most commonly get denied or put under intense scrutiny.

According to the Council for Disability Awareness, it is musculoskeletal disorders that are responsible for as many as 23 percent of the new disability claims that are filed every year. These cases often go under intense scrutiny since most back pains are difficult to prove with medical evidence unless the patient actually broke their spine. It is not uncommon for insurance companies like Unum to hire people to follow claimants around to see if they are still doing regular tasks that may prove that the claimant is not having problems with their backs such as sports or lifting.

Complications during pregnancies can also bring out the alerts to insurance companies even though these are responsible for up to 9 percent of insurance claims. Carpal tunnel syndrome is another one. While the condition is a recognized health problem, most insurance companies will not grant your claim if you refuse to get the surgery that can often correct this condition. Finally, mental health problems like depression can ensure that your claim is denied and insurance companies are actually permitted to rummage through your psychiatric files for evidence against you if they choose to.

Insurance companies like Unum are under a lot of scrutiny these days for bad faith practices. If you or a family member are looking to file and disability insurance claims for cases like these, you may want to contact attorney Greg Jones to help you with your claim. I am experienced at fighting for disability insurance claims, and can help you recover the money that you may be entitled to. Contact me today for a free consultation.