Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) has left a UK family grief-stricken as their beloved 16-year-old son recently died after being diagnosed with the horrible skin condition.

Oliver Blake-Brennan died on Tuesday, May 10, from SJS and other complications that were caused by the boy’s glandular fever. The boy’s parents talked to The Worthington Times and explained that Oliver died after having been diagnosed with glandular fever 5 weeks before his death.

Andrew Blake-Brennan stated that the boy was being treated at the Royal Berkshire Hospital when his son started showing signs of SJS as well as another rare condition that started to attack his immune system. Oliver was starting to recover from the glandular fever before his condition worsened. It was then that the boy was transferred to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for more treatment.

Oliver’s father described him as being a sportsman that liked both football (what Americans call “soccer”) and golf. The boy was also planning on studying business at university.

“Oliver had all the better ingredients for a son,” his father said. “He was our sunshine and everything he did brought sunshine into our lives. He was beautiful to look at, he was intelligent and had a great future ahead of him. He had everything going for him; the looks, intelligence, humor — everything.”

Nigel Matthias, who is headteacher at The Emmbrook School, paid tribute to the boy by hosting a series of special assemblies held on Tuesday last week. The assemblies allowed for students to build a shrine to the teen that included cards, flowers and messages of condolences under the school sign.

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