According to public information federal court records, Unum, Unumprovident, Provident Life, and Paul Revere insurance companies have all been named in as many as 5,000 civil lawsuits that claim that the insurers have practiced in bad faith with policyholders in denying their standard disability insurance claims.

As far back as the 90’s all the way up until now, policyholders claim that Unum and its subsidiary companies have changed their motto from “claim paying” to “claim management” due to a major restructuring that took place because paying the claims put the company at risk. In some of the lawsuits against Unum and its subsidiaries, policyholders accused the companies of doing such things as:

  • Refusing to acknowledge some conditions as disabilities (fibromyalgia, nervous disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Using their own “round table discussion” methods as a means of destroying all of the information that was kept about everyone that took place in meetings about a claim and using that as the basis for any decision that was made about the claim(they tried to hide this by taking advantage of attorney client privilege)
  • Objectifying a claim by forcing their own claim requirements on claimants even in cases where the policy itself didn’t require those standards be met (Provident used this method)
  • Denying claims where hard medical evidence like Xrays can’t be given. These claims were excellent for applying pressure on claimants to dismiss their claims.
  • The enforced a burden of proof onto the claimant as far as investigations into the injuries of policyholders were concerned.

If you have been denied your insurance disability claim by Unum or any of its subsidiaries and if you think your claim was denied because of the bad faith insurance practices listed above, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against them. Contact Greg Jones Law today to speak with one of our experienced disability insurance attorneys for free. We will fight hard to get you the money that you may be entitled to.