Unum Group and its subsidiary Paul Revere Life Insurance recently had their motion for a new trial denied by a Los Angeles Court.

The case involved a dental hygienist who sued Paul Revere Life Insurance when they terminated her disability insurance benefits. When the case went to trial, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff and decided the defendants were acting in bad faith and were acting in breach of the woman’s disability insurance policy. They awarded the woman $4.2 million in damages.

Here are the details of the case: The dental hygienist had bought into an individual disability insurance policy in 1988 from Paul Revere. By 1996 she had begun suffering from various medical problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the plaintiff, her condition was bad enough that she couldn’t perform the various tasks that her job required of her because of the pain in her extremities. Dental hygienists often have to clean patient’s teeth and her pain prevented her from doing this.

The woman tried to tough it out for 3 more years, but by 1999 she simply couldn’t work anymore. Under the terms of her insurance policy, she was entitled to receive benefits for the rest of her life. While Paul Revere did pay the woman her benefits for a while, they abruptly stopped the payments in 2008, and that is why she sued them.

The woman’s lawyers successfully argued that Unum Group ignored her doctor’s recommendations that were in support of her disability insurance claim. The plaintiff’s lawyer also argued that the company refused to wait for her MRI results which would have also supported her disability insurance claim. More importantly however, the plaintiff’s lawyer was able to prove that the insurance giant illegally used surveillance videos and even proved that the company took advantage of selective use of independent medical examinations.

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