A San Francisco woman is blaming her son Connor’s case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) on the boy’s pediatrician having ignored the advice of the pharmacy, which told the doctor to prescribe a different antibiotic than amoxicillin for the boy’s ear infection.

When Connor was just 7 weeks old, his mother took him to see his doctor for treatment of an ear infection. The doctor prescribed the boy the antibiotic amoxicillin. However, the boy’s infection grew worse and he began to have a bad reaction to the drug.

“He had mottling over his entire body; it looked like someone had beaten him up,” his mother, Ellen, said.

While the pharmacist was aware of the boy’s bad reaction, the doctor still prescribed another penicillin-based antibiotic to treat his symptoms.

Ellen states that when she contacted the doctor to ask him why he had given the prescription to the boy after he already had a bad reaction to a third-generation penicillin, the doctor replied, “Do not question me, I won’t give him anything else.” Ellen believes that it was her doctor’s arrogance at having been advised and warned by a pharmacist that caused him to keep her son on a class of drug he already had been warned the boy was allergic to.

Ellen also believes that the pharmacist that dispensed the drug isn’t liable because she had to fill the order; Ellen notes that the pharmacist warned her to keep a close watch on Connor. When the infection didn’t go away, the boy’s doctor just added another round of the amoxicillin to his treatment.

“The pediatrician told me to give him a second course because the infection didn’t go away,” she notes. “On the third day of the second course, I was at work and I got a phone call from the babysitter.”

Connor was rushed to the hospital because he had blisters everywhere. Connor had second-degree burns that were covering 25 percent of his body. The doctor never documented Connor’s antibiotic allergies.

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