Emilie Nickoloff and her husband David have entered the Ironman Triathlon in a bid to raise awareness about Stevens Johnson syndrome, after Emilie barely survived her bout with the debilitating condition.

The Ironman has three events which include a “2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a marathon, 26.2 miles.” While Emilie is now in the best physical shape of her life but four years ago she was suffering from Stevens Johnson syndrome and fighting for her life at the University of Colorado Hospital burn unit. She went into the hospital with a 104 fever and a rash on her arms that was spreading across her torso. That was when she was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson syndrome.

Dr. Gordon Lindberg, Medical Director of the Colorado Hospital’s urn Unit said, “It’s an autoimmune reaction. You take a medication, and for reasons that we don’t understand completely, the body forms an allergic reaction to the skin, and the skin sloughs off.”

Emilie lost her vision because of the disease but got it back after she underwent amniotic membrane transplants. Of her situation, Emilie says, “I woke up from a coma blind, and it took about a month to get my sight back. So people were telling me that I had burns all over my body, but I didn’t know what that meant.”

Dr. Lindberg stated that Stevens-Johnson syndrome patients can be put into a medically induced coma when they are being treated for SJS so that they can’t feel the pain while doctors are treating the burns and changing bandages. Since Emilie has been healed, she wants to help those that are going through it now. “I’ll be talking with them and explaining my experiences and what it was like to come home and start the long recovery process.”

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