Lily Rubinstein has filed a lawsuit against Cigna insurance as well as Griffon Corporation Life Insurance Plan after she was denied her disability benefits after approving short-term benefits at least 6 times previously. The insurance company took away the woman’s disability benefits even though her condition hadn’t improved and after doctors stated that she could have a stroke if she went back to work.

Despite the fact that Cigna refused to see the woman’s condition as a disability, she found her case approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) without making her attend a hearing. They just looked at her medical records and approved her. Because the SSA requirements are generally more harsh than those of private companies, it is a wonder that Cigna didn’t approve her.

Back in 2007, Lily Rubinstein suffered a stroke that ended up giving her permanent brain damage. In fact, her CT scan showed that her condition would just get worse with activity and give her a higher chance of having another stroke at any time. However, she went back to work until January 19, 2010, when she told her neurologist that working made her heart race. Within 3 days, her employer made her leave work until she was cleared “medically and neurologically.”

On January 26, 2010, she applied for short-term disability (STD) under her Cigna policy. The insurer wanted copies of her medical records; her doctor responded by sending a letter that asked Cigna to tell him exactly what information they wanted to get, and the doctor again stated that the woman should get approved for disability benefits. Rubinstein did get approved for six terms of STD benefits until July 30, 2010, when her STD benefits ended.

Rubenstein reapplied for LTD in June before her term was up because her condition was getting worse, and was denied. She was harassed by Cigna’s reps until she hired a disability insurance lawyer. On February 9 of this year, Cigna denied her appeal by citing a review led by its own acting physician which misrepresented the circumstances of Rubinstein’s claim and focused on issues that weren’t even a part of her claim, such as her mental state. Rubinstein’s disability lawyer states that the insurance company’s termination letter to Rubinstein proves that the company is acting with unfair tactics.

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