At this point Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is well known to be caused by a severe adverse allergic reaction to various medications like motrin, epileptic medications, and medications used for treating bi-polar disorders. So it stands to reason that the more medications like these that a person takes will increase their chance of getting SJS. However studies now show that your DNA might make you more likely to fall victim to SJS than others.

A lot of research has tried to identify which, if any, medications are more likely to cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome rash, but studies are also being conducted to see if there is any reason that one person may be more succeptible to getting SJS from specific medications than someone else. One study has shown that this may actually be the case.

According to the FDA has determined that people that have tested positive for the leukocyte antigen (HLA) allele, HLA-B*1502 in their DNA may be more likely to get Stevens Johnson Syndrome from taking carbamazapine as part of their epilepsy trigeminal neuralgia and bipolar disorder treatment. It also states that these patients should avoid taking phenytoin or fosphenytoin because those people are more likely to suffer from Stevens Johnson Syndrome. There have been numerous studies that have discovered that patients with the HLA-B*5801 allele may also be more likely to get SJS if they take allopurinol therapy for hyperuricemia.

If these studies are accurate, it may be a large breakthrough in what really triggers Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Right now there is no real proof of what makes some people get the disorder and others not to. Being able to find a genetic link to the disease might just be what can prevent so many SJS and TENS cases from happening.

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